At TPub we work hard to make the best comics we possibly can... but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what other people have been saying about our titles.

  • Review Fix

    "The Bloodyman become instantly iconic. Reading it will be reminiscent of “The Empire Strikes Back” where Darth Vader attempts to pull Luke over to the dark side of the force. But it’s not some, half-witted rip off. The Bloodyman happens to be someone or thing with his own agenda... The sad thing about “Tortured Life” is that eventually it comes to an end. However, this means its done its job by leaving you wanting more."
  • Spandexless

    “Faster paced storytelling and a more focused narrative makes Volume 3 the best of the bunch.”
  • Laptop Zombie

    “Volume 3 is a strong collection of eclective, convincing horror-themed short stories, told with enthusiasm and conviction. Highly recommended.”
  • Comics Bulletin

    “All in all, Twisted Dark Volume 3 is an absolute gem […] Gibson knows exactly what buttons to push to captivate his audience and leave them wanting more.”
  • Review Fix

    “From beginning to end, “Twisted Dark” will have your heart racing with anticipation.”
  • Parc Bench

    “Neil Gibson is fast becoming one of my favourite writers.”
  • Aint It Cool News

    “Gibson is putting together a TWILIGHT ZONE for the new millennium with his TWISTED DARK anthologies.”
  • Comics Bulletin

    “This is a book I’d recommend to just about anyone.”
  • Broken Frontier

    “Gibson is frighteningly perceptive at realising some of our greatest contemporary fears. Disconcerting and unsettling, this is powerful and memorable material.”
  • Ain’t It Cool News

    “What Gibson has created here is a marvel. Not only is TWISTED DARK the best self-published graphic novel I have EVER read, this is probably the best indie I have read this year and certainly affected me more than any book I picked up from the major publishers in many, many months. The fact that this is Gibson’s first work simply astounds me.”
  • That Comic Blog

    “Twisted Dark leaves you itching for more disturbing tales.”
  • Comic Booked

    “Gibson’s writing would almost remind readers of Stephen King, only there are no evil cars or demonic clowns. Each character is alive – flesh and blood. There is no supernatural force at work here, and that’s what makes it such a good read… Throwing all professionalism aside, the book was phenomenal!”
  • Kleefeld on Comics

    “He's definitely putting his money where his mouth is, and he's got the writing chops to back himself up!”
  • Forbidden Planet International

    “There’s something really immediately impressive about Twisted Dark. A really well put together set of solidly entertainingly dark tales. Twisted Dark is an impressive debut from Gibson, one he’ll hopefully build on for his next projects.”
  • Bleeding Cool

    “Read Twisted Dark, I highly recommend [it].”
  • Graphic Policy

    “If you’re looking for a solid read that’s haunting and hits you on an emotional level, look no further.”
  • Everything that rises must be read

    “Great, sophisticated, dark, frightening, and fun stuff.”
  • Operation BSU

    “I just spent two hours enjoying an inevitable plot twist at the end of every tawdry little tale in his graphic novel, knowing it was coming, and still enjoying every single one. To say that I loved the basic premise of this graphic novel is an understatement. I adored it. Just read it. You’ll curse or thank me later.”

  • Insertgeekhere

    “It was my honor or horror (my honror?) to read this collection. I did not know what to expect; I just knew it would make me uncomfortable. And it did but in all the right ways. So, get your copy, curl up in comfy chair and let yourself fall under Neil Gibson's twisted spell.”
  • 4thletter

    “The first trade is a very strong first outing by Gibson. For one guy writing so many twisted and dark stories, he’s exceptional at making each character and setting seem so unique to the point that you never feel like you’re getting the same song and dance twice. Seriously, though, (the) dude shouldn’t be compared to Shyamalan. Gibson deserves better.”
  • Comics Alliance

    “There's no predicting how this complex web will be woven, and that's a thrilling prospect.”
  • Nerds Are Amazing

    “WORTH IT! Do yourself a huge favor and check out Twisted Dark for yourself.”
  • Game Over

    “The stories will haunt the reader for days after they put the books down. The man's got niche and he writes it very well.”
  • Liberation Frequency

    “Neil Gibson has put together a deliciously disturbing anthology… I can't wait to read volume 2!”
  • Laptop Zombie

    “His writing is strong, his range and research never less than impressive, and the insight he brings to bear on his twisted tales and even more twisted characters is inspired.”

  • BiblioFiend

    “If you are into the dark and twisted, check out Neil Gibson’s Twisted Dark.”