Bespoke Comics

How comics can help improve your business... and how TPub can help.

The comic format has been proven to be one of the quickest ways to communicate. In 2008, the US Navy released a graphic novel as opposed to a manual for their nuclear-powered aircraft carrier deployed to Japan as it was a quicker, more accessible way to get across information. They have gone on to create comic books for recruitment and even for their troops to deal with complex issues such as combat stress.

The Google Chrome comic book ( created by Scott McCloud also teaches users how to use the browser with ease.

Comics can be used in your business for advertising, for communicating information quickly and efficiently to the workforce, and for fun; and TPub can make this happen.

Our team of bestselling writers and professional artists can create your comic to your exact specifications, and we can take care of and talk you through every aspect from colour to printing.

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